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On #RapeAtAzania, barebreasted disruptions, and the invisibility of trans bodies…

CW: rape; trans-antagonism On the early morning, 16th of November, a comrade and friend was raped at Azania (formerly part of Avenue house). The next day, at a #FeesMustFall and #EndOutsourcing plenary there, as a code of conduct was discussed … Continue reading

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Why casual sexism at UCT matters

Originally posted on Gender-Specs:
This article was originally written for the FeministsSA blog. That site is currently being revamped and offline so I thought I’d post it here: “The girls here are all sluts man, is it any better at…

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On the “gendered socialisation” of a transwoman

Writing this isn’t an easy thing, because it is something even some of my close friends still struggle with; it is something that too easily gets perpetuated in even the most intersectional of feminist spaces I’ve recently engaged with. It … Continue reading

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Today beautiful black women smiled at me.

Originally posted on THE GIRL WHO FOUND POWER:
I made my way to Observatory last Sunday. It was a cold, grey day. I was nervous and  hesitant but positive that this was going to be something worth my time. I…

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20 trans people were murdered this year. This is what happened.

Originally posted on Fusion:
At a Los Angeles protest on Tuesday, Jennifer Thompson held a sign with a list of 20 names of “transgender womyn killed in 2015.” One speaker at the rally said there had been 19 murders. Another…

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Why I am not excited about Emma Watson’s speech at the UN

I really am not, far from actually; to be honest I am quite the opposite, I’m really don’t like it. On my newsfeed on Facebook kinda exploded with lots of praise for this British actress who stands up for feminism … Continue reading

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Candle light vigil, in solidarity against violence against woman

Tonight the SRC (Student Representative Council) of the University of Cape Town is organising a candlelight vigil in solidarity against violence against woman… well women, unless there is a specific woman that it is for (might be, I’ve missed quite … Continue reading

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