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Judith Butler’s Trouble: Why do white academics speak for trans people of colour?

[CN: White privilege gone rampant] I am reeling after just reading a recent interview with so-called “the beloved philosopher and author of Gender Trouble” entitled Why Do Men Kill Trans Women? (it’s a donotlink, because I don’t want to give … Continue reading

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On #RapeAtAzania, barebreasted disruptions, and the invisibility of trans bodies…

CW: rape; trans-antagonism On the early morning, 16th of November, a comrade and friend was raped at Azania (formerly part of Avenue house). The next day, at a #FeesMustFall and #EndOutsourcing plenary there, as a code of conduct was discussed … Continue reading

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Why casual sexism at UCT matters

Originally posted on Gender-Specs:
This article was originally written for the FeministsSA blog. That site is currently being revamped and offline so I thought I’d post it here: “The girls here are all sluts man, is it any better at…

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20 trans people were murdered this year. This is what happened.

Originally posted on Fusion:
At a Los Angeles protest on Tuesday, Jennifer Thompson held a sign with a list of 20 names of “transgender womyn killed in 2015.” One speaker at the rally said there had been 19 murders. Another…

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[Creative] Hugs are little feminist gummy bears

Note: I usually don’t post poetry on this blog… but for once, I’m making an exception (for once… or maybe twice)… *** To three friends that provide me that which I need and to whom I seek to give the … Continue reading

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Untitled reflections (CW: rape)

Writing this was strange, and a bit hard; part of me is surprised by that, I’ve seen my fair bit of violence, and get faced with it through work as well on a regular basis. Someone who is very close … Continue reading

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2014 Aug. 19: Makau family mourns the brutal murder of their beloved

Originally posted on inkanyiso.org:
On the 19th Aug. 2014, Inkanyiso members visited the home of the recent victim of hate crime, Gift Disebo Makau in Ventersdorp. Her dead body was discovered directly opposite her mother’s home, 70 metres away. She…

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