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On the patriarchal appropriation of Fallism and violent masculinity

Today, at a “secret” #FeesMustFall meeting at Whites – I mean Wits – University, Chumani Maxwele assaulted a Black Queer Woman and tried to strangle her… This “RMF Jesus”, as he has been positioned by aboKasibe, is out of control. Let me be clear: UCT: Rhodes Must Fall put forward three pillars that are central to the movement: Black Consciousness, Pan-Africanism, and BLACK FEMINISM… Now to hear that cisgender heterosexual patriarchs are saying the Fallist revolution is not feminist and does not care about queer bodies revisionist appropriation of the politics that we all committed to. This is not a debate, this is a fight for survival. Continue reading

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[Guest] White privilege in South Africa – Kirsten Whitfield

Recenty, after posting on the Zuma Must Fall marches and how it is a protection of white capital, I’ve received messages that were… problematic. I have asked a white friend, Kirsten Whitfield, to write on this from their perspective which … Continue reading

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On #ZumaMustFall, white appropriation, and the protection of white capital

#ZumaMustFall is white… and when I say that, what I mean is that the #ZumaMustFall rhetoric has been about the protection of white capital. The months and months of #Fallism in 2015, from Rhodes Must Fall to Fees Must Fall … Continue reading

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Zi-Woke iiGirls

Originally posted on KwaVokotheka:
One of my friends recently said “The revolution needs to start in our homes”. The intensity of revolutionary spaces consumes us, for me it felt like the only space I could breathe. I could place my…

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So Cape Town pride has a history… A white cis-homonormative history of ignoring what pride should be and focussing on simply a jol for white gay men; I recall having the same issue with them already 5 prides ago… I … Continue reading

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The white race and its heroes

Originally posted on Inkwenkwezi:
Unathi Slasha writes, One can’t help but cringe at the manner in which the University of Cape Town approaches the Rhodes Must Fall campaign against the Rhodes statue. For the call is not only for the…

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2014 Aug. 19: Makau family mourns the brutal murder of their beloved

Originally posted on inkanyiso.org:
On the 19th Aug. 2014, Inkanyiso members visited the home of the recent victim of hate crime, Gift Disebo Makau in Ventersdorp. Her dead body was discovered directly opposite her mother’s home, 70 metres away. She…

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