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On #ZumaMustFall, white appropriation, and the protection of white capital

#ZumaMustFall is white… and when I say that, what I mean is that the #ZumaMustFall rhetoric has been about the protection of white capital. The months and months of #Fallism in 2015, from Rhodes Must Fall to Fees Must Fall … Continue reading

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Zi-Woke iiGirls

Originally posted on KwaVokotheka:
One of my friends recently said “The revolution needs to start in our homes”. The intensity of revolutionary spaces consumes us, for me it felt like the only space I could breathe. I could place my…

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I won’t be going to Pride tomorrow

Originally posted on Another angry woman:
Content note: this post discusses homophobia, transphobia and biphobia Tomorrow sees London’s Pride parade, supposedly a celebration of how brilliant things are. Each year, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth, because things are not great.…

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Don’t single out (homo)sexuality in response to Israel blackmail revelations, Palestinians say

This is a must read for whoever has been commenting or thinking about recent articles concerning Israel’s blackmailing of Palistinians; which, yes, includes issues of sexuality. I find that it is often tempting to detach issues of sexuality from other … Continue reading

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Funding frustrations and the “saviour complex”

I’ve been reflecting recently on the trend of funding in the NGO world. Part of the reason is probably because I’m busy writing funding proposals for the NGO I work for; part of the reason is this article regarding the … Continue reading

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Today is the day you should care about [insert cause]!

Apparently, this Saturday – September 28 – was the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion… And I completely missed it; like I’ve missed the “Global Female Condom day – September 16, though confusingly it was … Continue reading

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Rethinking social movements | openDemocracy

Rethinking social movements | openDemocracy. This articles is by Jessica Horn, the rapporteur of the Movements Rethink meeting that I’ve blogged about earlier (first week of September). Mostly its a summary of the different topics discussed and some of the … Continue reading

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