Funding social change: a catch 22

In South Africa the dysfunctional relationship between law and life is more obvious than anywhere else I have been. On the surface it has the most progressive constitution, composed in the wake of a time that marked one of the worst human rights disasters in recent history, that pretty much includes everyone in its Bill of Rights. In the four years I have lived here … Continue reading Funding social change: a catch 22

Open letter to the Internet

A rough timeline for your perusal: Sinead O’Connor wrote her open letter to Miley Cyrus Then, Amanda Palmer wrote an open letter to Sinead O’Connor Followed by Ann Magnuson writing an open letter to an open letter Polly “Superstar” Witthaker wrote an open letter to sex It seems it’s the season of open letters, and I really want to be a productive member of society; … Continue reading Open letter to the Internet

Today is the day you should care about [insert cause]!

Apparently, this Saturday – September 28 – was the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion… And I completely missed it; like I’ve missed the “Global Female Condom day – September 16, though confusingly it was September 12 last year. I’m sure I’ve missed several other important days, some of which I’ve noticed passing by on the Wikipedia Main page; September 30, … Continue reading Today is the day you should care about [insert cause]!

Rethinking social movements | openDemocracy

Rethinking social movements | openDemocracy. This articles is by Jessica Horn, the rapporteur of the Movements Rethink meeting that I’ve blogged about earlier (first week of September). Mostly its a summary of the different topics discussed and some of the outcomes. I guess, generally speaking, there wasn’t a unified or grand outcome, but it was a very reflective workshop that allowed each participant to take … Continue reading Rethinking social movements | openDemocracy