Troubled Faith

Originally posted on KwaVokotheka:
The notion of forgiveness that is emphasized within the Christian faith and many other religions has caught my attention time and time again. The main reason for this is because I struggle to forgive myself and sometimes the concept to me is illogical. Living in a country that comes from a well-known history of racial oppression forgiveness has been emphasizes as… Continue reading Troubled Faith

[Guest] On Zizipho Pae and the intersectionality of oppression – Wanelisa Xaba

Recently, after the US Supreme Court decision extending marriage equality nationally in USA, SRC vice-president Zizipho Pae posted a status on Facebook condemning this decision as “institutionalising sin”. This has lead to widespread condemnation by LGBTI persons. Wanelisa Xaba, founder of SAY-F (South African Young Feminist Activist) shares her views on the matter. *** The violence that Zizipho Pae has inflicted upon the gay, queer … Continue reading [Guest] On Zizipho Pae and the intersectionality of oppression – Wanelisa Xaba

Belgium lifts it’s veil

In my humble opinion, Belgium has shown it’s colors. 136 votes in favour of banning the wearing of burka’s in public spaces, 2 votes abstained and 0 votes opposed it. The ban would concern any clothing that obscures the identity of the wearer in public spaces, security concerns were the main reason quoted by MPs who voted in favour; however, the debates that have been … Continue reading Belgium lifts it’s veil