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UNAIDS human rights indicators: What counts?

Originally posted on Meg Davis, Ph.D.:
“Annie Lennox SING campaign, Vienna 2010 b” by Manfred Werner – Tsui – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons Take a trip back to the fabulous summer of 2010,…

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Untitled reflections (CW: rape)

Writing this was strange, and a bit hard; part of me is surprised by that, I’ve seen my fair bit of violence, and get faced with it through work as well on a regular basis. Someone who is very close … Continue reading

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“Women in all their diversity” at the Women’s Networking Zone

“Women it all their diversity” seems to be a sort of mantra that I’ve been hearing at several meetings around ICASA, among others at the Women’s Networking Zone in the community village. The Women’s Zone is a space where NOS and activists are addressing issues of gender in relations the context of the HIV epidemics in Africa during the conference; the zone’s program is heavily based inhumanrights in terms of gender, something which is not present to the extent that is needed in the man programme. Taking the phrase “women in all their diversity” to heart, it is addressing not only calender women and positive women, but takes time to explore the issues of sex work and transgender, two issues so oftenleft out if mainstream gender discourse. Continue reading

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A privileged diagnosis: who gets access?

Today there was a stakeholder meeting regarding the clinical field tests for the ICD-11 proposals. During this meeting transgender activists, other clinicians, policy experts, etc. were given an opportunity to give feedback and ask questions regarding the field trial protocols … Continue reading

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“Belle” honors sex workers all over the world

There is a new girl in the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Her name is “Belle”, and she stands proudly and strong in a window. She, however, is not a real sex worker, it is a statue there to honor … Continue reading

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