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On those damn rainbows and marriage equality

My Facebook has turned rainbow. Seriously, everywhere I look people have turned their profile pictures into rainbows in celebration; even typing this post now, I am faced with a rainbow banner across the WordPress website. I have never seen so … Continue reading

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Why I am not excited about Emma Watson’s speech at the UN

I really am not, far from actually; to be honest I am quite the opposite, I’m really don’t like it. On my newsfeed on Facebook kinda exploded with lots of praise for this British actress who stands up for feminism … Continue reading

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Normativity and sexuality: a matter of perspective

Spending too much time on facebook makes one stumble on all sorts of funny stuff (and surprisingly, not all of them cat related.) A friend of mine shared this video: It’s one of these topics that I’ve always thought quite … Continue reading

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From safe harbours to equality?

From 31 of July to 2 August, I attended the Human Rights conference held right before the World Outgames in Antwerp, Belgium. The conference was part of the “human rights” aspect that GLISA, the international body that organises the games, … Continue reading

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