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On the patriarchal appropriation of Fallism and violent masculinity

Today, at a “secret” #FeesMustFall meeting at Whites – I mean Wits – University, Chumani Maxwele assaulted a Black Queer Woman and tried to strangle her… This “RMF Jesus”, as he has been positioned by aboKasibe, is out of control. Let me be clear: UCT: Rhodes Must Fall put forward three pillars that are central to the movement: Black Consciousness, Pan-Africanism, and BLACK FEMINISM… Now to hear that cisgender heterosexual patriarchs are saying the Fallist revolution is not feminist and does not care about queer bodies revisionist appropriation of the politics that we all committed to. This is not a debate, this is a fight for survival. Continue reading

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“For Us Only”: on safe spaces, exclusion, and privilege

[CN: examples of TERF arguments, and arguments about “reverse racism”] There is this quote, which I have been unable to find a source for anywhere: when you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression. No example is more proof of … Continue reading

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On the “gendered socialisation” of a transwoman

Writing this isn’t an easy thing, because it is something even some of my close friends still struggle with; it is something that too easily gets perpetuated in even the most intersectional of feminist spaces I’ve recently engaged with. It … Continue reading

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[Creative] Hugs are little feminist gummy bears

Note: I usually don’t post poetry on this blog… but for once, I’m making an exception (for once… or maybe twice)… *** To three friends that provide me that which I need and to whom I seek to give the … Continue reading

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Julie Bindel sells her mind (not body)

Originally posted on a paper bird:
Bindel, apparently being plied with drinks by a white slaver Julie Bindel is a British journalist, a fierce opponent of trans people’s human rights (they’re imitation women), and an abolitionist who wants to see sex…

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Why I am not excited about Emma Watson’s speech at the UN

I really am not, far from actually; to be honest I am quite the opposite, I’m really don’t like it. On my newsfeed on Facebook kinda exploded with lots of praise for this British actress who stands up for feminism … Continue reading

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Catcalling and safety: negotiating spaces as a transgender woman

Let me be clear: I don’t like catcalling, I don’t like it at all. I’m a transgender woman who hates catcalling, and I’m sure there are plenty of others out there like me. (Note to cisgender feminists: please read last … Continue reading

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