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Dr. Strange and the turning back of the MCU to whiter times…

With some apprehension I went to see Marvel’s Dr. Strange… With a lot of apprehension really. All the whitewashing has really turned me off against it… The tl:dr version of my opinion is simple: Dr. Strange is a visually stunning … Continue reading

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Selling out: The gays and governmentality

Originally posted on a paper bird:
On October 13, Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej died. 88 years old and the longest-seated of the world’s shrinking stock of monarchs, he was almost uniformly revered by a grieving public. Certainly he embodied unity in…

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Bruce Lee Movie Stars a White Guy Because Of Course it Does

Originally posted on thenerdsofcolor:
This morning, Deadline unveiled the first trailer for Birth of the Dragon, which recently made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival. Ostensibly, the film depicts the legendary fight between Bruce Lee (played by Philip…

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Where I Stand 24/05/2016

Originally posted on Matthew Blackman:
With all of the Frantz Fanon worship going around I thought that I would finally read The Wretched of the Earth cover-to-cover – rather than just dealing with the chapters one is dished out at universities.  Having…

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When Myths Become Truths and confusion is the order of the day

Originally posted on lindokuhlethefirst's Blog:
In a journal article earlier this year Achille Mbembe wrote the following “the questions we face are of a profoundly intellectual nature. They are also colossal. And if we do not foreground them intellectually…

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