Re-thinking my blog and my writing;

Photo by Noncedo Gxekwa
Photo: Noncedo Gxekwa

I have had a blog since at least 2007, at least I think so. The reason why I am not sure is that I started is so long ago, and my first blog – on Blogspot – is no longer online. In the more than 10 years on writing online a lot has changed in why I have a blog. What I posted so many years ago is very different than now.

At the start I merely posted simple things about my life, and nothing really consistent: it really was all over the place. At some point I started posting more about feminism, politics, race, gender, and so forth. Now I also, and really mostly, post poetry. However,  this is the thing: overall, my blog is a mess at the moment; It doesn’t have consistent content, and it doesn’t have a solid identity. Also, many of the older posts are just… out of place, or they are opinions that I don’t hold anymore and in some cases really oppose at this point in time.

So the question is really: what do I do? delete those posts that just don’t fit anymore? delete those posts that do not reflect my opinions and positions anymore?

Some posts I’ve already gotten rid of, because they just didn’t make sense… But there are many more that I look back on and have a lot of questions about. In one way I want to keep them as it shows over time a personal journey. In this day and age, however, time doesn’t really matter online: articles and blogposts are perceived in the here and now, regardless of the date they were written or posted, and are assumed to reflect a very static image of the author… And I reflect as well on what to write about, wondering if it would still be relevant in the future, or whether it would possibly radically change my opinion about.

So these are some of the issues when I look at my writing online, and what to do with my blog. It is one of the reason why I’ve been posting little poems that originally were meant for Instagram, scheduling them ahead, but haven’t truly written something new.

For now, I am trying to focus my writing – and really most of my work and life – on creative projects, rather than political activist-y ones. And for now I’ll just post through what I do on other platforms, for example some of the things I am trying out on YouTube. Though the question of what to do with my WordPress account is something I am pondering over, or even if I want to continue with it…


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