Where I Stand 24/05/2016

If you ever want to read a white South African’s arguments – using white authors – to derail and undermine Fanon, here is a read. His entire post is basically a justification for his statement that: “We white South Africans are, for better or worse, no longer settlers, we are natives”, an attempt at claiming to belong by virtue of how they feel, rather than historic and current contexts. It is an insight into the mind of someone who seeks to dismiss without engaging the history of his own white privilege.

A critique of Fanon of course can be valid, but from entrenched whiteness it becomes merely a derailment.

Matthew Blackman

With all of the Frantz Fanon worship going around I thought that I would finally read The Wretched of the Earth cover-to-cover – rather than just dealing with the chapters one is dished out at universities.  Having just got through that incendiary horse manure that Sartre placed at the front of it, the experience is going well, although I do not agree with his Hegelian inspired dialectical approach.  One issue that is interesting from where I stand is Fanon’s take on ‘the settler’.  As he says: ‘from the moment that the colonial context disappears, [the settler] has no longer any interest in remaining and coexisting.’  He goes on to argue that the settlers only frame their lives through their metropolitan centre and that the pied-noir Algerian ‘liberals’ wanted a twofold citizenship. Furthermore that the settlers claim that ‘the land was created by us’ and that ‘if we leave, all is…

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