When Myths Become Truths and confusion is the order of the day

In light of the recent conflicts in the Fallist movements, due to the appropriation of cisgender patriarchs who seem to have forgotten the three pillars of Rhodes Must Fall: Black Consciousness, Pan-Africanism, BLACK FEMINISM… Let it be clear that I will neither rest, nor be silent… Not after putting my trans body on the line in ways that cisgender men will never understand. So please cis male “allies” in the Fallist ranks: educate your own!

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In a journal article earlier this year Achille Mbembe wrote the following

“the questions we face are of a profoundly intellectual nature. They are also colossal. And if we do not foreground them intellectually in the first instance; if we do not develop a complex understanding of the nature of what we are actually facing, we will end up with the same old techno-bureaucratic fixes that have led us, in the first place, to the current cul-desac.”

Lately I have heard comrades who I deeply admire blame the problems that we face on feminism. It is said that feminism is the death of our revolution. I therefore took the time to debunk such theories before they become the undisputed truths in our circles. It is important that in our analysis of the revolution we are not lazy to go to the deep intellectual dungeons.

From my analysis of the black…

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