On the patriarchal appropriation of Fallism and violent masculinity

Today, at Whites – I mean Wits – University, after a “secret” #FeesMustFall meeting of supposed “leaders” of the movement, Chumani Maxwele assaulted a Black Queer Woman and tried to strangle her… This “RMF Jesus”, as he has been positioned by aboKasibe, is out of control. He is not a representative of Rhodes Must Fall at this meeting, as cadres at RMF had enough with his patriarchal violence. I don’t know who decided to invite him, but dololo transparency, we just found out he was there representing RMF.
Let me be clear: UCT: Rhodes Must Fall put forward three pillars that are central to the movement: Black Consciousness, Pan-Africanism, and BLACK FEMINISM… Now to hear that cisgender heterosexual patriarchs are saying the Fallist revolution is not feminist and does not care about queer bodies is revisionist appropriation of the politics that we all committed to. This is not a debate, this is a fight for survival.

To those patriarchs who shout “but CLASS” everytime we raise the fact that we cannot breath amids the sexual harrassment and assaults from “comrades”, the trans and queer antagonism, and the violent masculinities… I say THIS: you cannot approach the class issue without a gendered critique, and you cannot approach the gender issue with a class analysis. You are simply using class to derail any conversation about cisgender, heterosexual, male privilege! This in itself is a disservice to the important class issues that still we need to deal with! And as a former sex worker – street walker and homeless person – I tell you: do not make assumptions about our backgrounds and our lives simply to silence us!

To those crying out: “stop the oppression olympics”, every time we point out the burden that we face both outside and within our movement… It is of interest to me that you cry “oppression olympics” only when it is you who is falling behind… Oppression olympics is all you know, at least as long as you think you are ahead in the game. As Wandile Dlamini, a Trans activist and Fallist in the truest sense of the word, has pointed out: “Be consistent in your fuckery!”

(Photocredit: UCT Trans Collective)

Chumani Maxwele, who has – ironically so – been lifted up on a pedestal by Wandile Kasibe and other patriarchs as Cecil Rhodes toppled from his, has committed sexual assault and harassment. So have many other “comrades” in Rhodes Must Fall and Fees Must Fall… We ask, justifiably so: Sixole kanjani? We have disrupted after #RapeAtAzania when a cisgender heterosexual man told women to “dress decently” in response the the rape of a comrade; we stood there bare breasted and demanded that they shut up and listen. We expelled cisgender men from Azania house after, again, the existence of this violent patriarchy was denied. The UCT Trans Collective disrupted the RMF Expo that celebrated the cis het male gaze. And now? What is next?
The patriarchal appropriation of Fallism is painful, as it was those of us whose bodies are the most easily discarded that put them on the line. I will not back down, if they want to make good on the threats they make to “take care” of us… I will not be silent… I see the silence of those who so often claim to be cis het male “allies” to us queer and trans women, to the non-binary people… I see their complicity… At the protest at wits women from EFF beat up Chumani after he assaulted the queer woman, and I say here: we are led! Makuliwe! #1Patriarch10Sjamboks
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