Armed struggle: What must now happen?

When thinking about the continuing militarisation of universities across South Africa, the justifications used for such militarisation must be questioned. Private security in South Africa, as the author points out, have become an “armed wing” of the privileged…


I was at a talk the other day where a PAC/APLA veteran spoke at the District 6 museum. It was disappointing for a number of reasons but one thing that he said struck me in particular.

He said that the armed struggle is over.

That statement in particular struck a chord because I had been, before then, been thinking about some things related to the concept of armed struggle in contemporary South Africa. That statement and its sentiment highlighted exactly the dynamics I had been thinking about and was trying to subvert…

True, the ‘armed struggle’ in the way that it was thought and fought in late apartheid is over. But surely we are blinding ourselves to a whole lot of realities if we take that statement as truth?

We live in a highly militarised society. People are armed. Certain people are armed.

Cast our minds back to 2012 when…

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