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[Guest] White privilege in South Africa – Kirsten Whitfield

Recenty, after posting on the Zuma Must Fall marches and how it is a protection of white capital, I’ve received messages that were… problematic. I have asked a white friend, Kirsten Whitfield, to write on this from their perspective which … Continue reading

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Sex And Gender Are Actually The Same Thing (but bear with me…)

Originally posted on Androgyneity:
As you read the title, you may be overcome with indignation that this article is going to be a gender-essentialist rant. You’ll be relieved to know that it’s quite the opposite. My intent in writing this…

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Judith Butler’s Trouble: Why do white academics speak for trans people of colour?

[CN: White privilege gone rampant] I am reeling after just reading a recent interview with so-called “the beloved philosopher and author of Gender Trouble” entitled Why Do Men Kill Trans Women? (it’s a donotlink, because I don’t want to give … Continue reading

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On #ZumaMustFall, white appropriation, and the protection of white capital

#ZumaMustFall is white… and when I say that, what I mean is that the #ZumaMustFall rhetoric has been about the protection of white capital. The months and months of #Fallism in 2015, from Rhodes Must Fall to Fees Must Fall … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to TEDxStellenbosch by KOLEKA PUTUMA

Originally posted on Word N Sound Live Literature Co.:
Dear TEDxStellenbosch Organisers I trust this finds you we I am writing to you concerning your request to publish my TEDx talk with the exclusion of my last poem “WATER”. The…

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Zi-Woke iiGirls

Originally posted on KwaVokotheka:
One of my friends recently said “The revolution needs to start in our homes”. The intensity of revolutionary spaces consumes us, for me it felt like the only space I could breathe. I could place my…

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Nothing about us without us, one more time… with feeling

Today I stood up as a transwoman, a sex worker, and lost all chill at an abstract session at the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa in Harare. The session about sex workers and human rights had not … Continue reading

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