So Cape Town pride has a history… A white cis-homonormative history of ignoring what pride should be and focussing on simply a jol for white gay men; I recall having the same issue with them already 5 prides ago… I actually have been part of meetings trying to address this, but that was always just talk. And now, for 2016, we get this tasty morsel of racist cis-homonormative horse excrement:


If 2015 has shown anything, it is that you will not get away with this! Pride has been, and always should be, political and inclusive! To say “colourblind” is merely trying to rap rainbow nationism in an attempt to whitesplain your fucked up attitudes. And we know CT Pride has resisted transformation, so I say let’s show it decolonisation instead! I say: #ShutDownCTPride; I say, let us stand against this! Intersectionality must always be first and foremost a call to action; this I saw let us take action… storm their Facebook page, occupy their twitter mentions, and come end February let us put our bodies where our mouth is! If it is not intersectional it is bullshit, and I call bullshit on this!


3 thoughts on “#ShutDownCTPride…

    1. Yes, a racist, trans antagonistic party… has been racist for years, has only cared about rich white gay men. In fact an oversight committee resigned in protest last year due to financial irregularities even… so #ShutDownCTPride… it is about time


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