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So Cape Town pride has a history… A white cis-homonormative history of ignoring what pride should be and focussing on simply a jol for white gay men; I recall having the same issue with them already 5 prides ago… I … Continue reading

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On “harmful cultural practices and norms”

Attending pre-conference events at the International Conference on AIDS and STIS in Africa (ICASA) 2015 in Harare, which starts tomorrow, the phrasing “addressing harmful cultural norms and practices” comes up often. Specifically in the context of gender and HIV this … Continue reading

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[Serie] Sense8, a breath of fresh air

I have little opinion about Netflix, some people lambast it and others love it. However, it is undeniable that with recent series such as Orange Is The New Black, Marvel’s Daredevil, Sense8, and Marvel’s Jessica Jones, some damn good television … Continue reading

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On #RapeAtAzania, barebreasted disruptions, and the invisibility of trans bodies…

CW: rape; trans-antagonism On the early morning, 16th of November, a comrade and friend was raped at Azania (formerly part of Avenue house). The next day, at a #FeesMustFall and #EndOutsourcing plenary there, as a code of conduct was discussed … Continue reading

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