malume: a question mark

I am still going through the grief myself… As a friend and activist, and leader in the trans community of Swaziland has passed away. So a reblog of a poem in his is honor… Xolile Sane “Malume” Mabuza, Rest in Power… always, and in our hearts.

Feminist Loft

“what happened?”

(so easy. so useless a question).

somewhere in Manzini and Mbabane the sun rises. without you. kuthwe us’Ezwilini.

birds continue to chirp in Nairobi’s arboretum. this morning the construction workers cat-called me. maybe my face hasn’t registered grief. who cares that i am in mourning?

(but who am i to mourn you?)

  1. did the stars hide in mourning last night?
  2. did your neighbor’s dog stop barking?
  3. did the rooster not crow this morning?
  4. did the tellers at Shoprite close/ this morning?
  5. shall your being be respected on the day they bury you?

lovers kiss each other in the dark. forbidden. mouths that never uttered your name.

malume; you who suffered from— and died of— death.

ufike kanjani? ngubani ixesha khona?

i will stop by you, to hold you

catch my breath if i can’t stop time.


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