Today beautiful black women smiled at me.

Reflections from a friend on #ForBlackGirlsOnly; and amazing event that celebrated melanin. Unapologetic about what it stands for


I made my way to Observatory last Sunday. It was a cold, grey day. I was nervous and  hesitant but positive that this was going to be something worth my time. I was on my way to #ForBlackGirlsOnly,  an event created for black women to come and share, laugh, dance, cry and just feel safe enough to bare their individual truth.

We had been told to wear black. As I parked in Station rd, I began to see woman carrying pillows and blankets, boxes of pizza, buckets of chicken, salads, home-cooked left overs. They were all wearing black  – no, rocking the socks off black – . Women with hair, with no hair, with braids, with twists, with colourful head scarves, with beaded dreads, with bantu knots, cornrows, natural blown-out afros. It was Black-Africa, Black-Power on the streets.

Women of all shades of brown and black and blue-black. We met…

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