A “Crisis”… but for who?

My twitter timeline is abuzz with #RefugeeCrisis… And I am just thinking… Crisis? For who? Why is it that it is a crisis for Fort Europe? I thought the crisis was in Syria? Or if you are talking about the people dying trying to get into Europe, trying to escape the violence, well that should never have been a crisis in the first place. Let me share this by Sisonke Msimang on twitter:

You allow a region to be bombed, don’t say a word when they are uprooted but want to stop them when they come seeking peace?

The framing of this “Refugee Crisis” almost seems to absolve Europe, as if people trying to enter Europe is a crisis that just happened on its own. I grew up in Europe, and I remember the thinly veiled nationalist rhetoric that would rail against Muslims entering Europe… About “protection of European/Western values and culture”… This uproar of the current “Refugee Crisis” is the same thing, underlying is the fear of people of colour, of Islam, of different cultures; underlying all this is the idea that “Fort Europe” must be protected… But it really doesn’t, if you look around the world, so-called “Western culture” has been the most successful export product ever, pushed with bible and gun upon so many around the World…

What is even more disturbing is that it is sheer voyeurism of bodies of colour, the dead children on the beaches, that was needed to get people to wake up from behind the walls of Fort Europe… In every way this is disturbing, that one needs such images to get people to care to take things serious; but there is also a disturbing trend where bodies of colour are almost objects to gawk at, not given the decency that a white body would… And even more, how many who are outraged would acknowledge their own complicity as they enjoy their white privilege, their economic well-being, on their couches in from of the television? Fort Europe’s wealth was built on the back of exploitation and racism… And all I see is Europe trying to protect itself out of fear of their own past…


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