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Chief Tuira Kayapo: A Bold Matriarchal Warrior Who Refuses Colonist Fuckery into Her World

Originally posted on The Feminist Rag:
“You have no right to destroy our river. The mothers of the Xingu will not allow it.” No fancy worded pieces of legal paper or laws or money gives anyone the “right” to egregiously…

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20 trans people were murdered this year. This is what happened.

Originally posted on Fusion:
At a Los Angeles protest on Tuesday, Jennifer Thompson held a sign with a list of 20 names of “transgender womyn killed in 2015.” One speaker at the rally said there had been 19 murders. Another…

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On the importance of trigger warning

Browsing through my Facebook feed, perpetually looking for a sign of hope that humanity isn’t actually doomed, I stumbled upon this article: How Trigger Warnings Are Hurting Mental Health on Campuses… The article angered me (dare I say triggered me?) … Continue reading

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[Creative] Hugs are little feminist gummy bears

Note: I usually don’t post poetry on this blog… but for once, I’m making an exception (for once… or maybe twice)… *** To three friends that provide me that which I need and to whom I seek to give the … Continue reading

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Dear Razor

Originally posted on THE GIRL WHO FOUND POWER:
You sit in my bathroom, blue and soft and sleek and curvaceous. Urging, almost begging me to use you. You were created well – so well. I was tricked into buying you.…

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Cutting my way ahead (TW: self-harm)

I am proud of the scars I bear on my arms and legs… Scars I’ve tried to hide for a long time, scars I rarely talk about. But not talking about it has more to do with the looks of … Continue reading

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2015 Aug. 9: Balancing culture and activism

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by Jacqui Mseleku-Ngwane In my line of work I have seen so much abuse and injustice that happens in the name of culture. I am a dynamic Zulu woman, raised in a cosmopolitan household so…

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