The semi-colon project

I recently stumbled upon something great on my Facebook newsfeed; which is a strange occurrence, considering that the main purpose of of my Facebook account is to feed me a constant stream of cute kitty pictures. But it is something that combines two of the greatest things int his world: tattoos and semi-colons. I am of course talking about the semi-colon project. But it touches upon something that is close to my life as well: depression… I don’t like calling it a mental illness, I mean as a trans person I just hate being pathologised (if you count up how often something in the DSM has been ascribed to me, you might as well rename it “Handbook on how to deal with HeJin.)

As some who have explored this blog before, this (virtual) space is a refuge for the semi-colon; as far as punctuation marks go, it is such an underrated and ignored one… I love the semi-colon, it is both beautifully simple and complex. And now, this is a tool to help those who struggle with depression and anxiety. Granted, a drawing or a tattoo of a semi-colon isn’t a solution, but the sentiment behind it is so graceful that it perhaps can create a sense of belonging… a shared feeling that can create a connection; and connections are always helpful…



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