Troubled Faith

As someone who is (in certain ways) Christian myself, I found this a great read! I’m not Black, and thus cannot truly understand these conflicts… But as an activist it is important to try and understand.


zap_homeThe notion of forgiveness that is emphasized within the Christian faith and many other religions has caught my attention time and time again. The main reason for this is because I struggle to forgive myself and sometimes the concept to me is illogical.

Living in a country that comes from a well-known history of racial oppression forgiveness has been emphasizes as a way of “healing the nation”. Back in 1994 you had religious figures like Archbishop Desmond Tutu who were the face of forgiveness. They were the voices that echoed over the TRC soothing the cries of wives and mothers who have been robbed of their sons and husbands.

The concept of forgiveness is always positioned as a liberating tool for the victim, “forgive and you’ll feel better”, “God forgave your sins. So you need to learn to forgive”, “Take your power back and forgive

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