The white race and its heroes


Unathi Slasha writes,

One can’t help but cringe at the manner in which the University of Cape Town approaches the Rhodes Must Fall campaign against the Rhodes statue. For the call is not only for the destruction of the statue, but also for what many term ‘transformation’. Although I am sceptical about how the ‘transformation’ question is equally approached by both black and white academics who would have us believe that they are progressive and against the underrepresentation and devaluing of Blackness within the racist South African academia, I partially support this call for ‘transformation’ on the basis that it puts whiteness and its assumed superiority into question. But this is not the focal point of this piece.

What I would like to raise is the issue of how the call for ‘dialogue’ by both black and white academics reveals the devaluing of Blackness. I say this with an anguished…

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