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Pricing the priceless: My lobola story

Originally posted on Conversation Zimbabwe:
“But tete, why are they charging so much?” “Because we value you.” It should be a simple answer, but it wasn’t. The 3rd wave, pan- African, liberal, mixed bag feminist wheels in my head, heart…

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The white race and its heroes

Originally posted on Inkwenkwezi:
Unathi Slasha writes, One can’t help but cringe at the manner in which the University of Cape Town approaches the Rhodes Must Fall campaign against the Rhodes statue. For the call is not only for the…

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On Decolonizing Education and the Perils of Speaking Good English

Originally posted on Black Girl Speak:
When asked about the legacy of colonialism, I point out that we must still speak a colonial language in order to be granted the courtesy of humanity. To be intelligible to the power structures…

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Dismantling the ivory tower

Originally posted on KwaVokotheka:
Resistance and protest by black students has been a common feature in white universities, in the years I have been a student I have seen my fair share of disdain expressed by these students towards these…

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Whose knowledge is it anyway…?

Originally posted on KwaVokotheka:
In all my years in the government school system I have been told that education is the key to success and that it opens a massive pathway for opportunities to emerge. The pedagogies articulating the meaning…

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