Support Rainbow House in Kyrgyzstan

I rarely link through fundraising requests from indiegogo or kickstarter; however, in this case I will even urge people to donate if they can. A group of activists in Kyrgyzstan are aiming to open a “Rainbow House”, which will serve as a safe space for queer people as well as a space to organise their activism. I worked with several groups in Kyrgyzstan years back, and the community there still has a special place in my mind and heart (oh gosh, I sound so soppy…) so I really hope that people will be supporting this initiative. Especially in the light of anti-propoganda legislation, similar to the one in Russia, being discussed in parliament, supporting the LGBTI movement in the country is an important thing.

Fundraising beyond grant proposals and the like, those being the norm nowadays, is rare; and for this reason I’d support it even more… it’s only 9.500 USD… I’ve seen people fundraise three times that for the most insane personal projects… This is a no brainer.

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