16 Days of frakkin’ prayer and nonsense…

I couldn’t reblog it as I usual do when sharing things from other blogs, so I I’ll link it through this way:

16 Days of Slacktivism: Government initiatives for (not) tackling violence

It is a reflection on the 16 days of activism against violence against women and children in South Africa, and I think it is a think in other countries in the region as well. Overall, at first sight a laudable idea, not just one day but sixteen of them to raise awareness and foster change! Well, there has been a lot of criticism, especially since it is government in South Africa that takes the lead and dominates the stage during these 16 days…

I’ve already posted my issue with these day(s) of commemoration-slash-activism-slash-let’s-care-about-it-just-for-today. However, what is going on these days is even worse than the usual hashtag -activism-lip-service-excrement-of-a-male-bovine. The focus on prayer meetings, praying for “sex workers and abused women”; while I am Christian (true story) I find this just absolute excrement-of-a-male-bovine… If anything, instead of prayer meetings we’d need a harsh dialogue on who Christianity often emboldens abuse, stigma, and discrimination in society, particularly when it comes to issues of gender and sexuality…

And then people wonder how little societal change has happened… It comes at no surprise to me, and many others… I would also urge you to read the JHB People’s Pride statement – yes, I am actually supporting a pride movement, something I thought would never happen; but seriously, People’s Pride rocks, and if I was government I’d be watching closely and learning from what they are doing.


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