Getting a degree…

So I decided that I needed an education… For real… I’m not joking here… Though, imagine me going back to highschool… Anyway, I have started a Master’s programme through the University of Roehampton London Online; it’s online, which means I don’t have to go to class (yay!) and can’t have little crushes on potentially hot lecturer (sad face…)

every_majors_terribleThe degree I’ve opted for is a Master of Public Health, that’s right Imma master that public health! Mostly, because it allowed me to use my work experience as an excuse to jump into a Master’s programme without a highschool diploma, Bachelor (the degree, not The Bachelor), or Honours… All of that would be an enormous waste of time and money. So I was spared the “what shall I major in?” question; this basically means that the xkcd song was not applicable (sadly so…) And also it doesn’t mention Public Health so I’m quite confident I had the right choice made for me.

To be honest, if I truly could decide what to study, no holds barred and all expenses paid, I’d get myself a degree in frakkin’ Baduk Studies. That’s right, a university in Seoul, South-Korea, has a Department of Baduk Studies. They offer degrees up to a Master of Arts in Baduk Studies, which – if I had it – I would ensure was repeated EVERY TIME I GO ANYWHERE FOR A MEETING OR CONFERENCE. Also, their website claims that the four year BA degree would get you to 5 dan level… Even if that is 5d and not 5p, it would be a very fast 30k to dan.

But I digress…

Part of me is happy to get an education, and to qualify for said education without going to the back of the line… But the other part finds it also a waste of money… A Master’s degree is expensive, and I’m not entirely sure it is a good investment skills-wise; of course, it has good return in terms of getting a job… in an over-saturated market of applicants with Masters and PhDs it is a serious disadvantage not to have one, but that seems to just be it… and that is kinda sad…

But yes, I decided to leave the ranks of the uneducated; I will join the ranks of the academic masses who think that it will be the key to some sort of victory. We’ll see how it turns out…

The game is afoot… and may the odds be ever in my favour…

So let us give it up for the SFU choir:


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