On kittens, puppies, bunnies, and finishing reports on time…

So a friend of mine was having trouble writing a paper, and the ensuing comments offered support and reflections (mine related to the positive effect vodka shots have on my ability to write boring crap.) Her sister on the other hand offered a better too: Written? Kitten!… It is a simple website, with a text box to enter text and two settings: 1) kitten, puppy, or bunny; 2) word count. So every 100 words, with the default settings, a picture of a cute kitten pops up next to the text… I love it!!! It is the best tool for writing anything I’ve ever discovered! I can’t wait to combine it with my vodka shot method, I’m sure productivity will explode into my writer block ridden life.

It is a very simple concept that capitalises on positive reinforcement in a world where cats are taking over the world by way of cute kitten pictures and videos on the internet. While note entirely relevant to this blog, I just had to share it…


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