Misogyny in the Lesbian Community

I completely understand this, and it is true… I think communities such as lesbian communities exist within a wider context where misogyny is the norm; I’m not entirely surprise that such behaviour is emulated, considering the complex gendered interactions that do exist among lesbians. Also, just because someone has a pussy doesn’t mean they’d never act like dicks. Pardon my French.

Heroin chic is always in


It’s a Sunday afternoon and I’m at a bar where a live performance event is being held. It’s not specifically a gay event but there are a lot of lesbians here. Without talking to anyone I can already see the butch/femme dynamic at play which seems to shape the lesbian community worldwide. Femmes in their dresses and butch’s in their black skinny jeans. When you enter the “scene” you are assigned or assign yourself to a category, butch or femme. This is the protocol you follow in the world of courtship. Butch makes the first move, buys the drink and opens the car door. Femme flirts with her body, falls in love harder and gets to play the victim. We mimic heteronormative constructs of gender and maybe that’s okay. But what is definitely not is that we have adopted heteronormative structures that are inherently misogynistic.

Back to the bar, I…

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