Putting Smartphone Zombies In Their Place

So China has found a solution for those eternally on their phone, and the ultimate consequence on the sidewalk: collisions with human beings (and possibly inanimate objects as well)… Apparently, there is some derision here as to the ever increasing disconnection we seem to have, in a time where we are more connected than ever. Though personally, it think people on their phones while on the road is one thing, and I do get it (being guilty myself); the argument goes well when it is applied to those phone addicts that will spend half the time on their phone during a party or a dinner, but that is a different story. I think social interaction on the street and public is already so saturated by commercial ventures, advertising and all that; the step to just being on your phone isn’t that big. I think it also depends on where you are, there are places where greeting strangers on the street is common courtesy while there are places where it is rarely done. I think the fact simply is that we need to admit that we live in a world where the physical reality and the online have merged to an extent that social interaction online is still social, and not some form of disconnection.


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