Polyamory?? Polyerosy!

Finally, I always thought I was the only one having an issue with polyamory…

(source:some fb page I can’t remember)
I kinda have the same issue with “homosexuality” and “pansexuality”…

Seriously, there is so much wrong with this! And I don’t understand that it never gets addressed? All those Frankenstein-like verbal tumors in the English language should be removed… I am not one who usually argues for prescriptive language policing, but when people start coining a word like “polyamory” that community loses more face than [insert something really, really faceless], from my perspective. Polyerosy sounds great! Why not use that? And imagine a word like “homoerosy”; now that just wants me to get right in there and get some of that action!

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One Response to Polyamory?? Polyerosy!

  1. Me to friend of friend on facebook: That makes it sound like a disease.. Him: Did you get your polyerosy vaccine? Me: Well, Instead of skin, It only makes my pants fall off… So I was like: “that’s a risk I’m willing to take… For Science!”


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