Blogging about HOMOphones in the English language…

I guess there are two things I have the grateful for: 1) the people I work with and for are intelligent, 2) they are the opposite of homophobic. Another blogger wasn’t so lucky; apparently, in an All-American ridiculous (or riddikulus, ’cause maybe there was a boggart at play here) story a social media specialist was fired because his boss his an idiot. Now normally there are two sides to each story, but in this case there is really just one, and hence I repeat: his boss is an idiot, and a homophobe.

Tim Torkildson, who works (well… worked) for a private English Language learning centre, was fired because he wrote a blog about homophones… His boss thought he was promoting homosexuality. Apparently, Torkildson knew the prefix “homo” might be seen as controversial (wait… what?) but thought the explanation was an interesting part of the English language; I’m not sure on the interesting part, though. Basically, people getting Greek and Latin prefixes mixed up (Polyerosy anyone?); probably common considering no one really gets it apart from those who were force-fed classical languages at some point in their school carrier. Though if the four letter construction “homo” is politically charged, I wonder what would have happened if they didn’t just teach English but biology as well… and explain that we are all HOMO sapiens? I mean if they don’t get it, I would love to just mess with their minds a bit, for the fun of it. Some things you just need to laugh about in order not to cry as you realise that these people are the same species as the rest of us.

Just ignoring for a moment the fact that the head of an English Language institute doesn’t know what a homophone is (a phone that is homosexual? maybe?), I wonder how people think this supposed “gay agenda” that people bring up works… I mean, when was the meeting where that agenda was decided? I didn’t get the memo, and I had some splendid ideas to include (one about queer sidewalks is especially devious.)


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