Take a good look

Resist racism

Installation by Gardar Eide Einarsson

Visibility. It’s often mentioned as one of the issues faced by Asian Americans.  Because we’re so often left out of discussions about race.

But visibility is an issue for marginalized groups in general.  Because of the white lens.  We see ourselves, sometimes, as they see us through their racist imagination.  And we see ourselves, sometimes, through the lens we have internalized.  We see ourselves through the media, which promotes Amy Chua as our representative.

But we think critically, and we try to unpack the racist garbage that has been stuffed into our heads.  And we reject the Shelby Steeles and the Michelle M@lkins.  We know that despite the brown faces, they are not our sisters and brothers.

It’s easier with the overt supporters of white supremac!st thought.  Identification is easy.  Five minutes of Chua and you’re handed a bag of shit so big you…

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