The UK’s new flagship immigration bill: “Hey! We invented illegal migration! Get a life!”

A new immigration bill is the “flagship” legislation by Home Secretary Theresa May is set to create a system of “checks” where everyone accessing accommodation, healthcare, anything really, needs to present identification documents (a choice of any of the 404 EU types that are acceptable) to proof that they have the “right” to be in the UK – i.e. are not “illegal”. If you want a full overview of the provisions of the bill, you can check below; it includes a lot of responses by people with their heads on straight (unlike May), highlighting the problems with this bill and the likely human rights abuses that it will foster.

But that’s not what I want to write about here, there are plenty who are cited in the two links I provide who have more insight into the issue than me. What I want to talk about is this quote:

Most people will say it can’t be fair for people who have no right to be here in the UK to continue to exist as everybody else does with bank accounts, with driving licences and with access to rented accommodation. We are going to be changing that because we don’t think that is fair.

And this one:

[…] will stop migrants using public services to which they are not entitled, reduce the pull factors which encourage people to come to the UK and make it easier to remove people who should not be here.

Also this one:

What we don’t want is a situation where people think that they can come here and overstay because they’re able to access everything they need.

And and the icing on the cake:

[…] create a really hostile environment for illegal migrants.

Yes, all by Theresa May, Home Secretary of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom, you know, that country that is used to be called the British Empire and pillaged resources from all over the world, created the biggest colonial empire in history, committed genocide, invaded every continent on earth.

So a country goes about and gets rich by being “illegal migrants” in countless other countries around the world; they send back all the resources and money home – kinda like migrants nowadays try to make some money and support their families back home, except they just supported one family, the one headed by the woman with the fancy hats – and then completely forget about that. All those “illegal” migrants need to go, that’s the message; “we won’t apologise for all the atrocities we have done, we kinda just decided to continue doing it in our own country”… perhaps at least some progress has been made?

The entire affair makes me sick, and if it was only the UK, I’d chalk it up to British-somethingness… but it is nearly every “former” – note the sarcastic quotation marks here – colonial power in Europe…

Immigration debate in Europe really leave a bad taste in my mouth, it is all about keeping others out. If you ask me, some self reflection is needed…


Travis, Allen. Immigration bill will require identity checks for all, home secretary is warned. The Guardian (2013-10-10). Retrieved 2013-10-10.

Travis, Allen. Immigration bill: Theresa May defends plans to create ‘hostile environment’. The Guardian (2013-10-10). Retrieved 2013-10-10


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