Breaking news! US Government shuts down – an embattled regime loses control

Today the United States Government shut down. When first saw it on the In the news list on Wikipedia, I thought some editor had mistaken april and october and decided to post a hoax; I was wrong… the US Government has shut down. Of course, when I started checking online, there were plenty of reports; though, it struck me that the language was markedly different than usual, say if it would have happened somewhere in Asia, or in Africa.

Thus I decided to even out the odds a bit:

WASHINGTON – The United States is in chaos. The government of the large republic has officially entered a shutdown, with all non-essential services stopping effective immediately, and leaving up to 800 000 government employees indefinitely without pay at home. The signs of a failed state are becoming clear, as this isn’t the first shutdown the US Government has faced.

The streets are still calm, and we couldn’t confirm if martial law or a curfew would be enforced; however, it would not be unexpected, as unrest is likely to develop. In this crisis, the question remains whether incumbent president Barrack Obama, stemming from a minor ethnic group in the country, would be able to keep control over the ailing republic.

The main lead up to this shutdown has been controversial Affordable Care Act, dubbed Obamacare, which the black president has push through in what could only have been described as a political crusade. His charisma and well-spoken demeanor has hidden a calculating political mind, clearly underestimated by his opponents in the previous years; yet, observers say that he might have pushed too hard and too far this time. The Republican Party, his main opposition, has managed to pry away the control of the legislature, and thus has launched a political assault aimed at destabilising the Obama regime. Senator Ted Cruz, stemming from the ethnic majority, has effectively immobilised the current administration, but his intentions are unclear at this time. Some analysts predict that he might seek to stage a coup.

Obama welcomes Shimon Peres in the Oval Office
The Obama regime has been a strong supporter of Israeli apartheid. Here Obama welcomes President Shimon Peres in his office. (source: White House Photostream)

The United States of America has faced many a crisis over the last decade, among others hurricane Katrina, hurricane Isaacs, a deficit of trillions of dollars. The question is whether it can withstand the breakdown of government structures; especially since it is firmly entrenched in two wars, after unprovoked invasions to gain control of the much-needed oil reserves in the Middle East. The United States, which continually supports and funds oppressive regimes in many places, notably that of Israel, and has been accused of aiding and abetting in genocide, has much need of international support. Yet, it has time and again ignored established treaties and international bodies such as the International Criminal Court, denying its legitimate jurisdiction in prosecuting American individuals for crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide, and so forth. Therefore, it is unlikely that the embattled Obama regime will be able to rally any support in order to remain in power. The United States is on record for having the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction in the world.

The American people have risen up in the last years, occupying public spaces in order to protest poor living conditions, and the clear failings of the government to do anything else than line their own pockets; crack downs were severe, with many people arrested. The country is in a poor state, with millions of people living in poverty and squalor, there are thousands and thousands of homeless people on the streets; the only response from the leaders of the ailing republic, once founded in good intentions, has been to crack down even further. Guns are common in many households, and easily available, as trust in the state has all but disappeared.  For the sake of the people, it can only be hoped that a new “American Spring” comes forth soon.


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