Follow the meeting | MovementsRethink

Jessica Horn, as official rapporteur, is posting more official blogposts regarding the Movements Rethink meeting I am attending; reporting back after each day on what has been discussed. These are the first two, the first one was  in advance and the second about the first day:

The power of together: Charting our paths towards Movements Rethink

Travelling to and for liberation(s): Reflecting on the first day of Movements Rethink

The HIVOS website that is hosting it isn’t very “Blog-y” and this isn’t easy for sharing and republishing; also, it has a copyright at the bottom. You’ll need to do some navigating in order to find the future posts.

Also the #MovementsRethink on twitter will let you follow some aspects of the meeting more “live” as participants share their thoughts, comments, etc. during the meeting.


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