South-Korea’s AIDS nonsense

Apparently in Jecheon in North Chungcheong Province, South-Korea, an AIDS-fear epidemic has broken out. Granted, South-Korea – like most parts of this world – has been all AIDS-fearish for the last couple of decades, still I do – as always – claim the right to rant about… call it an activist’s prerogative if you will. Okay short version to this latest episode: A cabdriver – … Continue reading South-Korea’s AIDS nonsense

International Women’s Day ’09

In the line-up of “International Days”, I’m sure there are more “Days” than there are days in the year nowadays, the 8th of March I guess is one of the better known: International Women’s Day. First observed in 1909 on the 28th of February it now gained attention worldwide and recognition by the United Nations. In western society International Women’s Day was observed through the … Continue reading International Women’s Day ’09

In Memoriam: Susanne Brink

On March 6th 2009 Susanne Brink was buried in her Swedish hometown Norrk√∂ping, after she died on January 23th 2009 at the age of 45 after a fight with cancer. Susanne Brink, a Swedish Korean adoptee, brought the issue of international adoption to attention in South-Korea in 1991 after a film on her life’s story was released. The film Susanne Brink’s Arirang shocked South-Korea. It … Continue reading In Memoriam: Susanne Brink