[film] Un/going Home

directed by Young-Ran Kim [김영란] – South Korea/2007/34 min/Color/DV – 영란이라는 제 친구가 Un/going Home라는 다큐멘터리를 연출했어요. Un/going Home은 2006년에 한국에 제 여행에 관한 이야기에요. 5월10일에 서울에 열리는, 인디포럼2007에서 개막작으로 상영될꺼에요. Un/going Home is a short docu that Young-Ran, a friend of mine, made about my trip to South- Korea in 2006. It will be screened at Indieforum 2007 at the opening on May 10th. … Continue reading [film] Un/going Home

“Belle” honors sex workers all over the world

There is a new girl in the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Her name is “Belle”, and she stands proudly and strong in a window. She, however, is not a real sex worker, it is a statue there to honor sex workers. The statue was an initiative of Mariska Majoor, founder of the Prostitution Information Centre in Amsterdam and herself a long standing activist for … Continue reading “Belle” honors sex workers all over the world